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KINDLING ENOUGH It singes your ears And it howls in the trees It singes your ears And it howls in the trees There is a violence in you And a violence in me There is a barbed-wire fence Mile high all around There is a barbed-wire fence Keeps us both from the town 'Cause, given Kindling Enough, What would we not burn down? Friend! It was a big one You tore the roof off You set the virus free Bellowing bile Anger knit up your brow Your eyes a happy green Because where would it go? Where would it go? Where would it go, if not out? Where could it go? Where could it go, if not out? You dare equivocate Yellow flowers with red Pieces alone with checkmate Gathered softness for beds There's not an exception to you That's at least what I dread. There is a gale in your ears And a vacuum between There is a storm in your ears Merely air in between There is a silence in you And a silence you need. Friend! It was a quick one You had to get off And not without sympathy You couldn't help it Or that's what you'd always say But what does that mean for me? And when would it go? When would it go if not now? I've known the caterwaul That echoes in your hollow bones The long, low siren call The dull, unceasing, seven-year moan And it's drawing its own lines And it's blurring its own lines You may hunch over wood I may hunch over brass You may drink from a cup They may call mine a glass But neither one will forestall What must soon come to pass There is a house on your block There are trees all around The same applies to the walk From my gate to downtown And there is kindling enough (what will we not burn down?)
Too Thin 03:59
OO THIN Because it longer nurseth the disease The uncertain, sickly appetite to please I'm building you some lead parentheses Because I do not hope to turn again Because I do not hope This ode is but an effort to contain CHORUS: And darling, you're not the only one rolling your eyes I mean, how many eulogies before I let you die? And your mom's not the only one says I'm too thin It's just one of the dozen ways I try to be the wind in the fall around you like a shawl around you like walls around you I sing unceasing undertow I sing the Romes your tiny, careful hands laid low I sing with breath too sweet and hot to be my own Because it keep me up afloat Because I drown too many heathens in the moat Because your voice is still the loudest in my throat CHORUS In the corner of your room In the corner of your love Who laid waste to freely given warmth? In the corner of your room In the corner of your love You sometimes think a thought that isn't yours Who shook the tree of every single orange? In the corner of your love The music's soft but too close not to hear. In the corner of your room In the corner of your love Part of you is not done getting clear Part of you is not done running, dear.
Goblin 04:43
GOBLIN So you're a goblin In southern brooklyn In a gust of bad wind Beneath a roof And it gets so angry And it gets so dirty And it gets so hungry It cannot move It fear the bone for running roughshod through the muscle And fear the muscle for the chokehold on the vein It fear the vein for throwing red around the body For throwing swelling round the guts and round the brain And it don't move but when it move it move away, see, It only separate and try take flight But when it move it only move to meet the hunger And swim in it every night Become a goblin in southern etc. You shield your gaze against the laughter of your foreground The fairground just outside With the swells all dropping crumbs all worth a fortune you could swipe 'em by the handful unespied and you could decorate these old rotting rafters with what's worth being hung so high but you wouldn't if the gate were left wide open and I think I know why cuz you're a goblin etc. BRIDGE You cling to your chains like you need 'em And fashion a burden of freedom Underneath letters from roads you won't tread Saying "where are you? We miss you - please get out of bed" They sing in the distance, the futures from which you fled You think your engine of delusion might recover It don't. You think you probably could roll over You won't. Because you're curled around a darling little sapling The only apple of your evil eye Deaf to shouted warnings all around you "If it don't see light it dies."
Up The Ghost 04:00
O Propulsion! You thrum in the hangar You're humming through Danger Zone, Skynrd, and Dre. You curate a haze Getting oiled up three ways Til you're roaringly loosed on the day And you circle the city and think on how pretty yr launchpad looks in the rust And you're too circumspect to think It all won't be wrecked but your erection will face down the dust. O Abandon! You hurtle from battle to battle From Bottle to Bottle You must. You must be seen crushing what there is to crush til yr crushed, too, to glorious dust. And I pout and I scowl and I kick gravel off the bridge And hope that some of it lands in your food Wishing too that the truth pulled me up by the root to uproot To uproot me for good. forever, too but also good. And my long, lancet train Hurtles upward and drains All the red from the flesh of the coast And the dead men I love And the old men I loathe tell me Give up the Give up the ghost Cuz I won't. Oh I try, lord, to track Try to chart you in packs But, in fact, you're too many to spot Out of cars, bars, and banks Every door swells your ranks When they're open, and when are they not? And you howl down the town down the day down the sound down the sun down the beach round all bends And you boom in the canon And ring in the hands In the mouths of my well-meaning friends. Boys will be boys! You are right I won't dance You are why I won't dance you and disco pigs far worse than you Still sweet ellie goulding echoes round the hall singing lololove me like you do. Love who? You make a motto of the impulse that Is summarized as "Every Shot you didn't take is one that you missed" Which makes a martyr of the reflex where you pump the breaks And give the other cars around the right to exist You only YOLO So you don't FOMO And "No" is a thing you avoid Who asks permission of the thing they destroy? If it's a bad thing to do, they'll just say you're a boy being a boy Though to most I'll deny I'll confide to the quiet That you and I are the same kind I, too, live in flashes Burn moments to ashes I, too, hold no shapes in my mind But I wonder if you see the distinctions Appreciate the differences in the disease That is: whatever you will call incontinence I call pissing wherever you please. And my long, lancet train Hurtles upward and drains All the red from the flesh of the coast And the dead men I love And the old men I loathe tell me Give up the Give up the ghost Cuz I won't.


A meditation on toxic masculinity. All sales go to Planned Parenthood.


released December 24, 2016

All songs by Mike O'Malley
Produced and Arranged by Kate Copeland

Mike O'Malley: Bouzouki, Mandocello, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Kate Copeland: Keyboards, Vocals
Cassondra Alvord: Vocals
Christy Hall: Vocals
Sam Weber: Bass
Tom Stephens: Drums
Sam Barnes: Violin
Weini Tekeste: Viola
Julie Biber: Cello


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