So you're a goblin
In southern brooklyn
In a gust of bad wind
Beneath a roof
And it gets so angry
And it gets so dirty
And it gets so hungry
It cannot move

It fear the bone for running roughshod through the muscle
And fear the muscle for the chokehold on the vein
It fear the vein for throwing red around the body
For throwing swelling round the guts and round the brain
And it don't move but when it move it move away, see,
It only separate and try take flight
But when it move it only move to meet the hunger
And swim in it every night

Become a goblin
in southern etc.

You shield your gaze against the laughter of your foreground
The fairground just outside
With the swells all dropping crumbs all worth a fortune
you could swipe 'em by the handful unespied
and you could decorate these old rotting rafters
with what's worth being hung so high
but you wouldn't if the gate were left wide open
and I think I know why

cuz you're a goblin

You cling to your chains like you need 'em
And fashion a burden of freedom
Underneath letters from roads you won't tread
Saying "where are you? We miss you - please get out of bed"
They sing in the distance, the futures from which you fled

You think your engine of delusion might recover
It don't.
You think you probably could roll over
You won't.
Because you're curled around a darling little sapling
The only apple of your evil eye

Deaf to shouted warnings all around you
"If it don't see light it dies."


from Growlers, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Mike O'Malley + Beastie Band

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